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Villa Vacuum Rolls

This is the Villa Vacuum Rolls formed polyethylene roll with its 3/4″ 90 degree rib & ground stabilizers attached to the ribs. As you can see this is one awesome root barrier. The root barrier is made in 20′ rolls or in pre cut sections for lineal application. The rib and ground stabilizers and advanced features that will help keep this root barrier exactly where you intend for it to divert roots. If you are considering what kind of root barrier you need be sure to consider the Villa Vacuum Roll before you make your decision. You can buy root barrier products from our Online Store and get this shipped to you any where in the United States.

Villa Vacuum Roll comes in three sizes: 12″x20′, 18″x20′, and 24″x20′
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Villa Vacuum Rolls

If you have had trouble with roots in the past and need away to prevent the damage before it starts then Villa Root Barrier can help. The Villa Vacuum Roll is the future of root barrier products don’t forget about some of our other products you may need.

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