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Linear Control Barrier

Villa lineal barrier is made in 20’ section with capability of cutting to the size of your application. You can also get them in multiple sizes 12″x20′, 18″x20′, 24″x20′, 36″x20′, and 48″x20′. This root barrier is made of high density recycled polystyrene rubber. The linear application is convenient for apply root barrier to large 20 foot sections at a time. Some constructions project can be miles of root barrier that will be needed and that is when Linear Control Barriers from Villa will get the job done. Prevent roots from damaging you projects years from now by using root diversion barriers to avoid costly problems in the future. Villa Root Barrier specializes in Root Barrier products and if you have any questions about Linear Control barriers or any of our other landscaping products please fell free to contact us any time at 1-800-654-4067.



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Linear Control Barrier

If you have had trouble with roots in the past and need away to prevent the damage before it starts then Villa Root Barrier can help. The Linear Control Barrier is a good place to start but don’t forget about some of our other products you may need.

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