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Dual Purpose Panels

The Dual Purpose Panel is used in surround & lineal applications, by connecting one panel to the next you have unlimited capabilities. Many commercial landscaping companies will us dual purpose panels in many areas of construction. This product is designed to direct roots in desirable directions. This root barrier will divert roots to prevent damaging streets, side walks, parking structures, and much more. Dual Purpose Panels are made of High Density Recycled Polyethylene with Villa male/female connection.



The Dual Purpose Panels comes in the following sizes: 12″x12″, 12″x18″, 12″x24″, 12″x36″, 12″x48″. You can currently purchase all sizes of the Dual Purpose Panels on by clicking on the products tab at the top of the page. You select the product you would like and how many you would like to order. After purchase you panels will be packaged and shipped.

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Dual Purpose Panels

If you have had trouble with roots in the past and need a way to prevent the damage before it starts then Villa Root Barrier can help. The Dual Purpose Panel is the place to start but don’t forget about some of our other products you may need.

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